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Dental Hygienist

Kim Eavenson

After graduating from Greenville Technical College in 2001 with her degree and license to practice in Georgia, Kim settled back down in Franklin County. Kim has been a resident of Franklin County for 24 years and her husband, Darrell, has lived here all his life. Similar to Dr. Chandler, Kim enjoys the clinical aspects of dental hygiene where the procedures and education she provides helps people keep their teeth for a lifetime. The growing knowledge of how oral health plays a significant role in the prevention of systemic diseases renews her enthusiasm to inspire healthy oral habits for even more reasons than a dynamic smile! Yet, Kim will share that it’s the personal side of dentistry that brings much satisfaction. In her second decade as a dental hygienist, Kim enjoys the connection with her long-term patients as well as meeting those new to the practice.

Kim welcomes you to visit the Royston office and have your teeth cleaned. She’s like to meet you, learn about you and help you keep your lifelong smile.