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Are you like many patients who steered away from the dentist due to fear of discomfort or loss of control? We understand that sometimes patients feel anxiety around visiting the dentist. Only a few decades ago, having dentistry done was tough on patients (and, not so easy on dentists either, for that matter).

It’s humorous to consider that Doc Holliday, the famous gambler and gun slinger, was a dentist too! Other than during hunting season, our guns are put away and our ability to surprise and amaze our patients with comfortable, modern treatment is awesome to experience.

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Your First Visit
At your new patient visit we provide time for you to meet with Dr. Chandler and our team and for us to get to know you and your health history so he is able to learn about your dental goals, past experiences, current concerns and to complete a thorough examination. Do you want your teeth whiter? Straighter? Not to hurt with hot or cold beverages? Fresher breath? Easier chewing? No question is too small or silly to address.
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